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The Story of Johann Magnus Anderson, Part 1

By Emma Christina Anderson Pusard Translated from Swedish by Mildred Anderson Lekberg & Sven Lekberg.  Edited for clarity by Rosalind Spitzer Read the whole story here:  The Story of Johann Magnus Anderson My grandfather, Anders Peterson, died three months before my father was born. My… Continue Reading “The Story of Johann Magnus Anderson, Part 1”

Emma’s Story

Is there something about childless women that makes them more likely to be caught up in the past?  Or is it that those of us with children are so obsessed with the future that we forget we were formed by what happened before us?… Continue Reading “Emma’s Story”

P.O. Tilderquist’s Immigration Story

Anna’s father, Peter Olsson Tilderquist, would never speak about himself or his experiences unless pressed to do so, so his children grew up knowing very little about his background.  The most they learned about him was when his brother Lars, who had immigrated to… Continue Reading “P.O. Tilderquist’s Immigration Story”

Gustava’s Story

Gustava sat down with her bundle of belongings in an open door of a dilapidated barn and cried as if her heart was broken.  It was not easy for the favorite daughter of a nämndemannen (juryman) of Kärda, Sweden, endowed with an independent spirit,… Continue Reading “Gustava’s Story”