Rosalind Spitzer



Nurtured in the rich soils and pioneer roots of the Skagit Valley not far from the final home of the main characters of Anna’s Home, Rosalind Spitzer developed an early appreciation for her ancestry. On the farm next door lived her grandmother, whose memories and keepsakes planted seeds of curiosity in Rosalind. Before returning to those long-dormant seeds, however, Roz was enticed by the world of literature to earn degrees in English from Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Washington and to a long career in secondary and higher education, ending with twenty years on the faculty at Bellingham Technical College. Finally, in retirement, the rediscovered keepsakes became the impetus for her to dig into her heritage, and her love of literature became the inspiration to unearth the story hidden in the litter. She lives with her husband Richard in rural Whatcom County, where, when not at the computer, she can usually be found in the garden.

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